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CREATED 2 months ago
  • Complete work and repair orders in a timely fashion
  • Estimate time and extent of repairs
  • Perform routine preventive maintenance
  • Maintain material and supply inventory
  • Oversee work performed by outside contractors as necessary
Friday, Jul 01
$135 /Day
Apr 15

Please note that pay is adjusted based on actual time worked. Job and times are also estimated.

  • $9045
  • -$0
  • $9045


  • Previous experience in maintenance or other related fields
  • Familiarity with maintenance tools and equipment
  • Ability to handle physical workload
  • Deadline and detail-oriented
  • Parking is available

  • When there, please come to front desk and ask for Sonny

  • The Safety Fee is estimated to be $0 /Day
  • Review JobAnyDay Withdrawal Policy