FROM Franklin Park ,Illinois

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CREATED 1 year ago
  • Day to day admin work
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Communications with clients and workers
  • Setting up events and handling logistics
  • Market analysis, pitch deck preparations
  • Ongoing business relations with investors and partners
  • Financial report  
Wednesday, May 11
$54 /Day
May 11

Please note that pay is adjusted based on actual time worked. Job and times are also estimated.

  • $5400
  • -$0.43
  • $5399.57


  • Passion for the mission: Focus on achieving fundraising targets

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills;

  • This is remote work for the most part - Some office work will be required.

  • Use given communication channels.

  • The Safety Fee is estimated to be $0.43 /Day
  • Review JobAnyDay Withdrawal Policy
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